Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Funny Thing Happened to Me on the Way Out of Applebee's

I threw up on the sidewalk!!!

I am sure it was the combo of eating too quickly and a little too dry chicken.

Something got stuck, I walked around for a bit and then continued to eat and then I got REALLY stuck!!!

I immediately got up and walked out of the restaurant (took a couple of drinks of my daughter's lemonade to see if it would help, made it feel worse) and just tried to burp or something to get relief. Nothing. Finally a burp I thought.


Half my dinner. How embarrassing.

I went back in and washed my hands and found the manager and explained my predicament. I asked for a couple of glasses of water to clean up the sidewalk and he graciously said he would take care of it.

Ugh. But, I will tell you I immediately felt better and I was fearing that first time. It's now over.



  1. yikes, at least it was outside :D

  2. That is VERY true! Inside would have been much worse!

  3. Welcome to the club where no one wants to be a member!First time's out of the way...glad it get dislodged. Sometimes it lingers and then it's really miserable! :)

  4. Oh no!! I HATE when I get stuck like that. I am pretty good about being quiet in the bathroom now. I had that predicament with sushi last week. :(