Tuesday, June 12, 2012


When you are thinking about having WLS (weight loss surgery) lots of things happen. At least to me. First you contemplate it. For a while. A long while. Then you think about which kind of surgery would I have, gastric bypass or lap band. I thought those were the only two types at the time. Little did I know, there are a couple more than that now.

Then you start sharing with your spouse your desire to have said WLS. He shares his thoughts, ideas and concerns with you and you discuss it. And if you are in agreement then you maybe move forward. Well, that was me a few years ago.

I have thought about having WLS surgery for a few years. I even signed up to go to one of my clinic's monthly orientation things a couple of years ago but cancelled, because it wasn't the right time for me.

Once I really got serious about it, I shared it with family. Then friends. You do get a lot of opinions when sharing the idea of having an optional surgery. I mean after all no one is "making" you have this surgery. It's not life or death or is it?

Let's think about this.....when I visited with my surgeon we talked about the risk factors, i.e. co-morbidity diseases. Right now, I don't really have any, well except sleep apnea. I don't have diabetes. My blood pressure has been a bit up and down this year, but has had some normal numbers, so my PCP wasn't too awfully concerned especially if I move forward with the WLS. So, what does this all mean....it means if I don't have the surgery, according to my physician, by the time I am 42 (a few years from now) I will have diabetes. Plain and simple. No ifs, ands or buts about it. And likely if my blood pressure keeps it up the way it was going it wouldn't have been good either. So, we are back to was a life or death surgery? To me it was.

I want to be around for as long as possible. My weight has held me down for FAR too long. In too many ways to list here. But, I had to have the support to be able to do this surgery, I couldn't just go and do it.

My husband was leery. I won't lie. He was nervous because after all, it is a surgical procedure. My parents were nervous. But all were supportive.

My in-laws have been supportive.

My sister-in-law, T, might be the nicest person you will ever meet. No honestly. I don't know if I have ever heard a cross word come out of her mouth! She is also the most fit and healthy person you will ever meet. But, she is not the person who will ever judge you if you are not. I NEVER felt judgment from her. EVER. Do you know how awesome that is?

I called her up this morning and said, well, I need to start walking, can we walk together in your neighborhood and she said I'll see you in an hour! Love her!

My husband and parents are practically applauding every ounce I lose! They are giving me text high fives often :) Telling me how proud they are of me. I hope they don't get sick of doing that. It's a long road and we are only a partial way down!!!!

I hope that if you are considering some sort of WLS you have a serious support team in place. They are a big part of the recovery and weight loss process!!!


  1. It's so great that you have such an awesome support system in your life. Not everyone is as lucky but you've got to find it somewhere. I know for many, these blogs provide the most support. I'm lucky enough that Hubby is banded too so he was all aboard the WLS train with me. My mom took longer to come around but she's finally there. You've done so well!

  2. ahhh, how awesome! I just had WLS last week and I'm overcome with the support my friends have given me. It's overwhelming. Great post!

  3. Manda - thanks so much! It has to be interesting for both of you to be banded! Are you both at your goal weights?

    I really appreciate all the comments you leave :) It brightens up my day when I see a comment left for me.

  4. tz - congrats on your surgery! If I can be so nosey, which surgery did you decide on? No matter what, it'll be for your health! Take it very easy this first couple of weeks, follow the rules BIG time and you'll do great! Let me know how you're doing!!!