Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ahhhh Saturday

Saturday is a fun day, except when you are feeling your age from being up too late the night before!!!!

Last night we went to the drive-in and saw Madagascar 3 and Mirror, Mirror with our Girl Scout troop. It was mine and M's official last troop meeting. While the kids and parents snacked on pop, popcorn and candy, I drank half of an Icy Orange Flavored Isopure and had two, yes two, frozen lemonades from the concession stand. My allergies are acting up so badly and my throat was so sore and I totally forgot to bring a snack for me :(

We got home around 2 am and had to both jump in the shower to get the bug spray off. We then woke up and made it back to meet more friends this morning for round 2 of Madagascar 3 so that L could see it this morning!!

Later today we went over to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's house for my nephew's birthday party. Today was a weird day. It was a bad ASD day and a good ASD day rolled up into one. L was overwhelmed with the amount of people in attendance today and his behavior showed it, however, it wasn't SO bad that I had to remove him from every situation, but we had quite a few "talks" today. Once the crowd thinned a little, he picked up his attitude a lot. I even noticed him playing with the other kids and engaging quite a bit socially. This is a really big deal!!!! He had a great time. M saw a friend she doesn't see often, in fact she only sees at my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's house, because it's their friend's son. They had a great time. A lot of water balloons were thrown today and water was soaking almost every child.

Once almost everyone was gone we got to sit around and talk for a bit, it was nice visiting with my in-laws and aunt. My daughter got to hang with her cousins for a while.

Today I had a slight emotional moment band-wise. Have you felt like this? After leaving the movie this morning I was exhausted. We were out late last night, up early this morning, I had to take a Benadryl because of my allergies and was just feeling a bit wiped. So, I stopped to grab the kids some lunch. Convenient. However, with a band, no more convenience for me. I really didn't feel like eating anything but needed to eat, so I ended up making up some soup and some yogurt for lunch. Took a couple of protein shakes over to their house for throughout the day. I know they are slippery foods, but I am still getting there. Ugh.

So, how was your Saturday? I would say overall, mine was great. I saw friends this morning who I love, family this afternoon who I love. Missed my hubby like crazy. He only got to be at the party for a little bit. Had to work and then has to be at work again tomorrow!

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! Sometimes I think having a band (especially early on through liquids diets, etc.) would be SO much easier if I were single and had no kids. It's like we're surrounded by temptation all the time!