Thursday, May 31, 2012

I've been EXPOSED (gasp!)!!!!!!!!

Of course, I'm just being silly, well sort of I guess. Now that I think of it I have "exposed" myself to more people this week than I EVER would have in my entire life before the surgery. My line lately has been, "Hey, wanna see my holes?" Ha! I'm a geek!

No, but what I was referring to in my subject line was that my humble little blog was put out there by what I consider a "famous" lap band blog. At least in my eyes ;) Lap Band Gal challenged people to quit lurking and start their own blogs. I had started one a long time ago, but didn't really do much with it. When I decided to get the lap band I decided to use it as an outlet to talk about what's going on with me and sort of a diary for myself or my kids in case they ever care to read it. So, Lap Band Gal put my blog on her blog today giving me the exposure! Doesn't she rock??!! And she is literally the blog I read from start to finish when I was doing my research. I followed her story from the start and it helped me in making my decision to pursue this path to become a thinner, healthier me!

I am still currently on full liquids. This statement shall remain true at least until Tuesday, June 5th with I have my follow up with my NP. Then I am quite sure we will be moving onto the mushie stage. Very much starting to look forward to that. But, I am doing really well. Staying on track. No real cheats. I did buy sugar-free fudgesicles today, but they are on my list!! Woo hoo! Excited by those (silly to get excited by fudgesicles.....nope, not when you have eaten soup with nothin' in it for over a week now!).

Tomorrow night, at my suggestion, we are taking our Girl Scouts on a Formal Fast Food Progressive Dinner. Have you ever been to a progressive dinner? It is where you go to one house for apps, another house for salad, another for entree and the last for dessert. Well, my very good friend who is the leader of our troop and I looked up what a formal dinner contains and it is SEVERAL courses. We veered from it a bit, but we are doing 8 courses with our girls (ages 11-17). We thought it might be a fun night. But, again, with this my idea, how smart is it of me to take all these girls to 8 restaurants over a 5 1/2 hours and I can eat broth at one place and applesauce at another?? The things we do for our kids!! Am I right moms? I'll tell you all about it after we come home.

Ok, so now I am a blogger. I hope to be witty. I hope to make you laugh. Our life here at our house is like most, just the day to day stuff, but I am hoping to throw in the funny things along the way in figuring out this lap band experience that is weaved into our regular life.

I am getting weighed for real (not on my scale that I don't trust until I go to the doctor and compare the two yet) next week, so I will announce my weight loss so far, etc. next week!

I will leave you with this (my husband is going to kill me). My husband think's Kristin Chenoweth is "cute". It's probably because she's a tiny, little thing with a great, big singing voice and she's hilarious. Anyway, she's coming to our area sometime in the future and I was telling him when. So I sent him a text that read, "kristin chenoweth at (where is coming to)(and the date)"***keeping it private, I'm sure you understand why***. His response, "It was so nice of you to set up a date for me with her but i cant cause im happily married. :)" Isn't he funny??????

Bye y'all!


  1. Hi there! I found you from Lap Band Gal. Looking forward to getting to know you!

  2. Hey new follower ... Looks like we got banded on the same date!!! How bout that.

    1. Thanks for the follow!!! Very cool! How are YOU feeling?

  3. Remember: always blog for YOU. No one else. Don't worry about judgement from others. This is YOUR place to talk about what YOU want. :) HUGS

  4. Thanks Lap Band Gal! ANY advice is MUCH appreciated!