Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bandster Issues

I am blessed.  Yes, I am. Most people who are newly banded go through a period of time after just being banded called "bandster h-e-double hockey sticks", but, I am blessed. 

It's a time between being banded (surgery) and getting your first fill (having saline put into the port which then travels to the band around your stomach to tighten it, thus making your pouch smaller) when you have absolutely no restriction and feel just as hungry as you did previous to having the surgery.

Again, I am blessed.  I am having little to no hunger issues. That's not to say that won't change. Currently, I'm still on full liquids, and feeling pretty well satisfied in what I'm eating so far, but looking forward to the next stage, mushie foods and the last stage regular foods. At least on regular foods I feel like I'll be able to control my carbs better.  Right now on the full liquids, I'm eating a lot of soup, sugar free pudding, yogurt, etc. and my carb count is high, probably because it's a lot of processed food. 

My thoughts for today. 

I am blessed.


  1. During this phase, I didn't pay much attention to protein, carbs or any of that (I know...BAD bandster!) but it's about healing and getting through and if nothing but fudgesicles would do then so be it. You're doing great!

  2. Funny you mentioned the fudgsicles, I bought some not a half an hour ago....sugar free of course!