Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Now you can literally ask me me about my band

So, yesterday was the big day! I got up early. Took my second shower in 6 hours with antibacterial soap, woke up my husband and got ready for my day. I slept surprisingly well for the night before. He didn't. My mother-in-law came in, we got our daughter up a few minutes earlier than normal. Then I made lunches for the kids and my husband started dinner for that night for them in the crockpot. While all this my parents had come and brought my husband breakfast.

Now we were out the door. The drive was about a 45 minute one. We arrived and got into a little scuffle regarding what the security/valet guy had said (apparently loud enough the whole lobby heard, this is somewhat unusual for us ;). We went upstairs and they whisked me back to pre-op.

They weighed me and according to their computer and BMI calculator (which put the notes in my hospital notes for the insurance) my BMI was EXACTLY what it needed to be to be covered by insurance. Thank the Lord! I was worried I had lost too much weight. Which will be the last time you will ever hear that from me.

They put this gown on me that hooks up to this air hose that blows warm air into your gown. I'm not a fan of warm air as it makes me sick. They started my IV. My family finally got to come back to see me. They gave some relaxing meds and offs I went.

The procedure itself was only about 35 minutes. The doctor told my family it went great.

I'm rather sore, more so than I was prepared for honestly. But I've been trying to get up and get around a bit here and there to help my recovery and prevent blood clots. I'm also staying on top of my pain meds and ice packs are my best friends. It feels like a really bad muscle tear.

So far, I've had one nausea event with chicken broth. I'm trying to stay as hydrated as possible as well.

Now that I've blogged I should go back to bed. I did all of this from my phone at 3 am.

Night all!


  1. Congrats on being banded! :)

    Ice packs? I don't remember doing ice packs. Hmm. interesting

    1. Oh yes. My best friend right now. It's very muscular feeling to me, so it helps at least mentally :)