Thursday, January 3, 2013


1.  I have more readers than I realized. I feel a little egotistical saying this, but I've worried about not having enough readers. But, I've had a few people tell me that they've been reading my blog, but they aren't "officially" followers. I want you to know this, I appreciate you following me along on this journey. It's a long, difficult journey. I still have quite a bit of a way to go, but the encouraging comments. THANK YOU!!!

2.  My hubby is very funny. He is my very best friend. We've been together for a very long time. This summer we will be together 20 years!!! Married for 16!!! We were babies ;) Actually we really were, he was 16 and I was 17 when we started dating. He makes me laugh, often. His new thing right now is that he is done watching new shows and getting into them, just to have them cancelled. Several new shows over the last few years we have gotten into has gotten cancelled. The newest, Mob Doctor. He's quite unhappy.

3.  P's also trying to talk me into watching Dr. Who with him and M.  I watch shows like Top 10 this and The Women of Dr. Who, etc. but haven't really watched a whole episode yet. I know quite a bit about the show. He believes I will get into it someday. I told him that I would make a deal with him. I'll watch one episode of Dr. Who and then he will watch one episode of Downton Abbey (by the way, the American premiere is Sunday). He said yes, but I don't believe him, unless he REALLY wants me to watch it ;)

4.  I'm still doing PT for my back.  My original physical therapist has not been helping me, meaning his appointments have been filled so I've been seeing someone else. So tonight he was teasing me that I've been "seeing someone else". Silly man. So, I do have a new therapist.  But, I do like newest one.  He's not quite such a PT meanie.

5.  My kids are stinkin' awesome. Today was a good day. Ever just have a good day with your kids and just want to squeeze them!!?!?! Today was that day. L had a great day at school, which is awesome considering it was his first day back from a long break. His behavior sheet from the para-pro had 9 smiley faces (a big deal at our house) and no time outs!!!  M had to make up a gym class (can you believe that?) so, she hopped on our new elliptical for a half an hour!!! She did good!!!!  I was impressed!!  They played Wii together tonight and my daughter started the second book in a series she's really enjoying. Ahhhh......

6.  I went back to work today, I have tomorrow off.  Kinda seems silly to go back for one day, but my regular work week is Monday thru Thursday and I told them that I would only take time off when the kids were off, so since the kids were back today, I went back today.

7.  My dad needs prayers. I know God has already done some pretty awesome things so far for him, but if you could say a prayer for my dad, we would appreciate it.

8.  My church does a 30 day fast starting on January 2. You choose how you want to fast. Whether it be a meal, or two, a Daniel fast, a fast from technology or whatever. Then take some time and have prayer time specifically for certain things. I love my church!

9.  Did I or have I ever mentioned I'm kinda a tv addict? I watch a lot of tv after everyone is in bed. Ask me if I watch a show that no one else in your life watches and you've always wanted to have someone to discuss it with, because I very well of our favorite shows is FINALLY coming back late next month. And if you are around our age, a lot of the jokes you will get. Pysch on the USA network!! We even rewatch a lot of the episodes on Netflix!!

10. Whew, number 10.  Kinda giving you a lot of random info about me today. Last one. Everyday I need to make sure that the dryer is empty when the kids get home from school. Why you ask? So that snow pants and mittens can go in the dryer to be dried for school the next day. Yep, I live in the part of the country blanketed with snow in which I'm sure my son is covered in every recess :)



  1. I love Dr Who! I can remember hiding behind the sofa from the daleks when I was little but I appreciate the humour so much more now. And the crying angels, still scary as anything! xx

  2. I LOVE Downton Abbey (and I've already watched Season 3 and the Christmas special LOL) and we're trying to get into Dr. Who. We're about 5 episodes into the reboot (2005). We'll see!

    Will pray for your father!

  3. I can't even fathom dealing in snowsuits. Hubby and I joke that we are the death for any good TV show or restaurant. When we find either we like, it's cancelled or closed by the next season. :)