Friday, January 25, 2013

Guess what I'm doing right now?

Sitting on a Nu Step bike at PT. If you guessed that, you are amazing!! I'm literally pushing steps!

I have 6 mins to go, so quick post. My weight is ok. I gain a bit but a little bit. I'm coming along. My last bit of weight is going to take a bit longer than my first bit.

Tonight we are celebrating one of BFF's b-day's by going to get pedis with a bunch of us! Taking apps and desserts to the salon! I already made a "baked potato" dip this morning.

My sister in law has been ultra sick and in the hospital and at home recovering. So, as soon as I'm done here, I'm stopping by their house to put chicken fajitas in their crock pot for their dinner tonight. Hope they like it as much as we do!!

PT was ok today. My back is still really hurting :( My therapist is very good and very cognizant of that fact but today he worked me out. Probably more than he ever has!!

My daughter got her grades online today:

Marking Period 2
Social Studies: A
Math: A
Gym: A
Speech & Drama: A
Language Arts: B+
Science: C+

Final Marks:
Social Studies: A
Math: A
Gym: A-
Language Arts: A-
Science: B+

Pretty good don't ya think? She struggled with science because they did a chemistry section this time. In 7th grade!!!

Ok 15 seconds to go and I'm done!!



  1. My Watermelon brought home high honors last night and it was super fun giving her a high five for it! Congrats on your daughter's grades! Baked potato dip sounds yummy!

  2. Way to go for your daughter! What is a Nu Step bike, and what is baked potato dip?!?!?

  3. Thanks ladies :) Congrats Drazil :) The Nu Step is like a bike that you sit down and push steps.

    Baked potato dip, 1 container of sour cream, 2 cups of shredded cheese, 2 tsp hot sauce, 1/3 cup of scallions or chives, 1 package of cooked bacon. Mix together and serve with waffle fries or chips.

    My friend made it the last time we got together, it was yummy so I made it this time! And right now I'm in the middle of making cake balls.

    Diet? What diet?