Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year and A Stupid TV Show has me STRESSED!!!

So, obviously I haven't blogged in a while.  Hardly at all.....

Why?  Because I'm at a total stall out.  Is it my band's fault?  Don't think so.  Actually, I know so.  I've been eating pretty much whatever I want....lacking in the protein and water dept.  I got down to 94-95 lbs. now I'm back to 90-91 lbs.  

I have been working out approximately 3 times a week.  At PT.  It feels like court ordered workouts.  But, at least I'm doing something!!  And we got an elliptical machine.  My cousin and his wife were not using theirs so, we bought it from them.

So, back on track.  Starting tomorrow!!  Sigh.  Will that ever go away?  The whole, my diet will start again tomorrow?  Apparently not.  But, 2012 was an amazing weight loss year for me.  Even if I did gain back 5 lbs. at the end of the year, I still lost 90 lbs. from March through December!!!!

Christmas was pretty awesome.  I wish L's presents would have been something he would have fallen in love with, he enjoyed them though.  M, however, LOVED her gifts.  LOTS of Dr. Who stuff!!!  She was thrilled.  We ordered a DS game from the UK and it threatened not to get here in time for Christmas, but it made it here!!  She was so excited!

My hubby surprised me with a new bead for my Pandora bracelet.  My poor hubby, he bought one I already had.  And we had said that we weren't going to get gifts.  Bless his heart.  Sweet man....

Now, onto the show that has me stressed....I literally had to watch part of it on mute.  Mobbed.  This poor girl made the mistake of telling her co-worker, a teacher, that she has feelings for him!!  Oh no!  What was she thinking!!!!??

So, I have a fill scheduled for Monday.  Am I weird to think I would like to have my NP take the fluid out just to "see" if 6.5 cc's are still in there?

Ta ta for now!!


  1. Sometimes my doc takes out what's already in there to make sure there's no leak so it's definitely not unheard of.

    And honestly, for some of us, this will always be a diet and something that doesn't necessarily come easily. And that's OK..because it's definitely eas-IER. Right?

  2. I can't watch Mobbed, it totally stresses me out! I can't imagine being put into a situation like that!!!