Monday, January 21, 2013 pun intended, well, maybe.

I along with a lot of other bloggers I read, just haven't felt like blogging lately!!

I went into my clinic the first Monday after the new year and insisted on a fill. Told her my portions have gotten a bit too big even though I do have some restriction. She was hesitant but gave me a 1/2 cc. So, I'm up to 7 cc in my 11 cc band. I can't really tell the difference. But I have lost some weight and I'm pretty close to a MAJOR goal (hopefully I will get to blog more on that this week).

My hubby and I have gotten a few dates under our belt lately :) Our babysitter is awesome!!! She loves my kids to death and understands L's ASD and doesn't care about it!! Just loves him!! By the way, the feelings are mutual. They love her too! My 12 year old doesn't really "need" a babysitter but I don't think it's fair of us to ask her watch her ASD brother for long periods of time. I think that would be too overwhelming for them both. So for her I think it's like having an older girlfriend come over, as she kinda does her own thing.

This weekend we went to this little town a bit away from our house that's like a little piece of "Amercianized" Germany plopped into the middle of our state. We went to their shops first and did we shop? Nope. We went straight to the cupcake bakery that recently won on Cupcake Wars on Food Network. Um, diet? So, this is what we bought there (yeah, there's more to come): 4 gourmet cupcakes - maple bacon, coconut, cherry and chocolate covered strawberry, a chocolate cake pop and chocolate covered bacon. So, as we walked around we split the cake pop (AMAZING) and the bacon (ok). Took the rest home. Then we stopped at the popcorn shop. My weakness. I LOVE POPCORN!! And they have tons of flavors in a variety of sizes. I showed a bit of restraint, only 3 flavors in the tiniest size I could get (2 are already gone :-/).

So, then we headed to dinner where we split a pretty darn good comfort meal!! I had smaller portions and tried chicken pate for the first time (yuck).

Then we went shopping, properly (we've been watching a lot of BBC Sarah ;). P bought 2 new pair of tennis shoes or as they call them in the UK trainers, and I got 1 pair.

It was nice to get away just he and I with no children in tow! We had a bit of a drive there and we were both yawning like crazy on the way, so I pulled up Pinterest and found 50 questions to ask on a date. Some were redundant, some you should never ask your spouse (unless you want a fight). It was a good talk!

I have had only one complication from my band surgery and I wouldn't even call it a complication. More of a side effect. Because all of my fat was pushing my core muscles into place, now that the fat is dissipating my core muscles are pretty much gone. So, my spine is wibbly woobly (to kinda use a Doctor Who lingo) and not staying in place. As you can imagine this is quite painful. So, I've been doing PT for almost 2 months. For a while they had me bouncing from therapist to therapist. I started off with the director of the clinic. Smart guy, lots of degrees. But, is a smart guy. Works you out hard, doesn't really seem to mind that you are in pain. Then I got a temp. She was nice enough. Then I got the new girl. Sweet girl. Still green, but seems to know her stuff but still finding her place at the clinic (btw, I haven't had her in quite some time but she seems to be really finding herself here, I'm glad, she's very sweet), then there's my therapist. Let me digress for a second, I have had my main therapist for a bit but I got thrown off schedule one day and to go back to the main guy once, he was teasing me (while working my butt off) saying I see how you are abandoning me, I finally said hey I can't help the schedule and oh by the way do you know that I've had 4 therapists? Yeah, he stopped and repeatedly apologized after that. Apparently, they only like you to at the most, have two. So, my therapist is about my age and a nice guy. The good news is, I'm not hurting as bad, bad news still hurting. He's taught me a lot of exercises I can do at home because my time doing PT is coming to a close. We are reevaluating today.

No snow on the ground. We had a warm up, which melted it all. Now we are in a deep freeze. Which means we still have to send every piece of snow gear in for L and probably will do so until April :) No, I'm being serious.

My dad got good news from his test. It still is showing no cancer (he had 5 endoscopes last year on his stomach/esophagus). But, something is still going on we just aren't sure what. Appointment today.

Semester is over! Whew. My M worked her tail off. I hope her grades reflect because she deserves it!!!!


Edited to say: it snowed last night :)


  1. Great news about the dates and your Dad!

  2. That's so nice that you guys have gotten some dates in. So worth it! I hear you on the core stuff...I am constantly trying to keep my core in shape because of my back issues. So frustrating!