Thursday, March 14, 2013


1. I had minor surgery that turned into major surgery.

2. Before said surgery, I had to do a bowel prep. Have you ever had to do one? Me neither. It was not enjoyable. Even those 4.5 lbs I briefly lost.

3. My surgery was done robotically. A few things about this. First, you are tilted on the table with your head lower than your feet. Second, they double up everything on you, IVs, pulse ox and bp cuffs. That way if one shuts down they automatically have a back up. Lastly, they pin your arms down by your side vs out.

4. I went in originally to have laparoscopic surgery and ended up with a hysterectomy. We had talked about it well beforehand, but I was still surprised to hear that's what ended up happening.

5. During my time in recovery, I was in and out of it. I heard my nurse tell me not to scratch at my eyes? Did I listen? Nope. What happened? I scratched my cornea. Sigh.

6. Because the plan wasn't really for me to stay, my doctor forgot to write in orders for me to have my regular meds. The problem with this is that I take migraine preventative meds and if I miss a dose it starts a migraine cycle. Add in the stress of surgery, anesthesia and pain meds themselves and yep, I have had a migraine/headache for two days. She called in an emergency migraine med today that's beginning to help.

7. They put me on the mommy/baby floor. I was fine with that. I'm done having kids. But, I hope they are sensitive to others that might have a harder time with losing their uterus while people around them are giving birth.

8. That being said, someone at the hospital made a mistake and accidentally brought me a diaper bag for new moms. Then she said well you are a mom. Go ahead and keep it. What am I going to do with formula and coupons? Now grant it, the bag doesn't really look like a diaper bag. But still...Luckily, my husband's cousin has a new ADORABLE baby, so we passed it on to them :)

9. My kids seemed thrown off by me not being home. Not horribly just slightly. My 12 year old seem to want to come as close as she could to me yesterday when I got home without touching me necessarily :)

10. Today, I'm very grateful for my God. He protected me during this surgery. It went off flawlessly. I'm at home recovering. My hubby gets to be home with me. Although I'm going to need some help with the kids and help driving me around, I have a wonderful set of parents and in laws to help.


  1. Awww - I'm so glad you are okay. I'll have to do a lovely cleanse when I have my first colonoscopy and I'm not looking forward to it. Blah.

  2. Glad you are home recovering and that everything went well! Feel better!

  3. sorry to hear that you had an unexpected procedure, but very happy to hear that all went well with the procedure! I had a hysterectomy 15 years ago due to cervical cancer. I went to the hospital thinking I was getting my appendix out and left with appendix and no ueterus. Like you, I was on the maternity ward. I agree...they should be sensitive for those who may not be ready to come to terms with child bearing days being over.