Saturday, March 9, 2013

Must Be Getting A Little Freaked Out

I have had a bummer day. The kinda day where you don't get out of bed. M's been watching old Doctor Who episodes with her dad (I love the new stuff, don't really think I'm into watching the old stuff).

L's been video gaming it up today!!An old Wall-E game and the computer.

Me, I've been hanging with Netflix. Trying not to over think this upcoming week. My surgery is Tuesday but have a bunch of prep stuff on Monday.

First is my unfill. I'm not looking forward to the conversation about what I've been eating. I hate disappointing people. Second, I have to do a lovely bowel prep. I'll just leave the details to myself on that.

My surgery is bright and early, well actually, dark and early when we leave. My mother in law is coming to get the kids off and my parents are meeting us at the hospital. It's a robotic procedure. Interesting, huh??

On a fun note, the boy and I had a lovely mommy/son night last night. Cub Scouts were supposed to visit a play and/or musical. One of local high schools was putting on Annie. He cried at the end. He said it was sad but beautiful and he could watch it again and again. Sweet boy!!!!


  1. Good luck with surgery Tuesday! Chin up you are going to do great!

  2. NewWho <3 <3 <3

    Think about your feelings of not wanting to disappoint others. The person you don't want to disappoint is YOU. Shifting that focus might help shift your thinking.

    Good luck with the bowel prep....I had to do that once in a shared hospital room (poor lady in there, sorry!) and it was NOT fun.