Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Happy Bandiversary To Me!!

Today's the big day!!

Today is my one year bandiversary!! It marks a major milestone for me. 

I was just re-reading last year's post where we had to get up and get going that day day. I had forgotten we got into an argument in the lobby of the hospital. Funny!!

For me it's been exciting. It's been challenging. It's been difficult. It's been amazing. It's been an eye opener. It's been a struggle. It's been the best thing I could have done for myself and yes I would do it again in a heart beat!!!

I will tell you some of the rough patches for me this year have been logging my foods when I don't feel like it. Pushing through plateaus when I normally would have given up. And learning my band. Taking the time to really listening to what my band is saying (like I don't want more food!!!) then life does become better. 

You also throw in a major surgery with an almost complete unfill for a month in this year and I just am still amazed at how great this year has been. 

I don't usually share my beginning weight because I am so very ashamed of it. But I will often tell people how much I've lost to date. Also, keep in mind I'm going from my highest weight at the clinic and I lost 25 lbs before surgery. 

This morning 115.8 :)  So since my surgery a year ago I've lost 90.8 lbs. 

I'm so grateful. So very, very grateful. I have an awesome support system. I have a God who loves me and I (and you too) can talk to at anytime. I have a great clinic. 

Now onto the next phase. Get these few last lbs off (they are going to be the most difficult) and start scheduling skin removal surgeries. 

Oh yes, this girl right here is having some work done!!!

Thanks to all my blogging friends!! I hope we get to meet in real life one day!!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

This post is going to be about two things, my mom and why I'm a mom - my kids. 

My mom is one of the most caring individuals you could ever meet. She loves you with her everything and would do anything for you. I still love the story of how she was potty training my little brother and they were outside and he must have told her he had to go so she literally ran him into the house to go, the only problem is she fell on the way and broke her leg. That is motherly devotion. Or the time my best friend was having a baby and she wanted to do something special so she purchased the most beautiful baby carriage cake I've ever seen. And every baby I know has a hand crocheted blankey made by my mom's own two hands that I know personally they all love. My mom also works full time. She takes care of my 92 year old great-great aunt that lives with her. But no my mom doesn't wear a cape, she should. :) I love you mom. 

The reason I get to celebrate today is because God has blessed me. When I was 18 years old I was diagnosed with PCOS and the doctor basically told me it was gonna be an uphill battle. But, he was kind and said we'll get you there. Well, when it was time (or what I thought was time) he couldn't "get us there". So, off to the fertility specialist is where he sent us at the ages of 23 & 22!!! And well, after many tests and two rounds of Clomid and  prayer it just didn't feel like it was God's timing yet. He (yes God) told us later when it was time :) We found out two days before Christmas in 1999 that we were pregnant. We got to share the news first with P's grandmother, who's birthday it was and who passed away a week later. The following August we had a beautiful red headed 8 lb. 14 oz. baby girl!!!! A baby with red hair - SURPRISE!!!!  A couple of years later we thought it might be nice for M to have a sibling, but we lost that pregnancy. About a year after that I was a chaperone on a youth group trip for the teens at our church and feeling a bit off. Came home only to discover I was pregnant :). L came out in the MOST dramatic way possible (so appropriate for him and you can read how on any of my Nov 3 posts). 8 lbs. 9 oz. I hear he was screaming but I was knocked out at the time ;)

These babies are now growing up. M will be a teenager entering her last year of middle school this year. L will be 8 and going to second grade in the fall but to me like every mom I know, these children will always be my babies. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Why I love my Lap Band

I love my Lap Band, because it is working for me.  And I for it!!

This is not a choice for everyone.  No!!  You have to know what you are getting into before you jump both feet into this world of WLS.  But for me, this is WORKING!!!

Do I have frustrating times??  ABSOLUTELY!!  Do I feel like giving up and eating whatever I want?  Uh, yeah, I have issues with food....plus it tastes good.  But, then I remember all the work it took to get here.  The months of waiting, the hours of appointments, the dollars spent, the pre-op diet (oh goodness the pre-op diet), the post-op diet....


I have a BAD habit of weighing myself everyday.  I wish I didn't, but I do.  That being said, 2 days ago I was down almost 112 lbs.  Yesterday back up 111 lbs.  FRUSTRATING!!  I follow the rules (mostly...I do pretty well with most of them, I'm not perfect, no one is, but I do pretty well) why, why, why?!?!?!?  Today get on the scale (oh several times just to make sure I'm seeing what I'm seeing) 113 lbs. down!!  Must of have some water weight yesterday!!

113 lbs.  I've lost 113 lbs.  25 in pre-op from Feb 1 - May 21st of last year and 88 since May 21st of last year!!  I have 2 weeks until my bandiversary! 

I love my Lap Band.

Hey if you are stopping by and you are a regular reader, become a follower of my blog, I'll follow you back!

I love reading comments, and replying too, except I can't figure out why my comment section doesn't allow for replies on other comments.  Any thoughts those of you who are regular bloggers?

Thanks everyone!!

Hey and just remember, I have had some tough battles through this year.  Some major plateaus and instead of giving up like I normally would, I pressed through.  SOOOOO thankful for my Lap Band.


Monday, May 6, 2013

New Blogger/Bandster

Hey everyone!!! We have a new person in our community, Jules :)

She's newly banded (who sounds like she's doing amazing) and started a new blog!

Show her some love over at:


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Just realized its been a while since I've blogged...

Did I tell you I had to have a second fill? Yeah, 5 cc's wasn't enough. So, she put in another cc. I think for now it's working. Which still puts me 1 cc below where I was pre-surgery. I've had a recent PB episode. That wasn't pretty. Sigh.

Weight wise I'm doing well. I'm down just shy of 112 lbs. So close to my next goal!!!!

My hubby is doing well with his recent change. Nothing too major. He just has made a few adjustments since May 1st and has already lost 4 lbs. Doesn't seem fair, right?!?!! I'm happy for him!!!

All is well on our front. I have another post-op appt for my hysterectomy on the 13th. Still having a couple of issues.

Ok leaving you with my newest and favorite thing, Greek dip for veggies. Plain Greek yogurt, add 2 powdered envelopes of ranch!! One just isn't enough for me to get over that fat free yogurt taste!!! Love it!!! And it's high in protein.

Also, because we are peanut/tree nut free I have the hardest time finding protein bars. Balance has two. Cookie dough and chocolate craze. Manufactured on equipment but no nuts. The sugar is high, I wish it was 5 g of fat vs the 7 g it is, but it tastes good for the day when you are in a hurry and need something!!!!