Thursday, April 25, 2013


1. It was a fill day for me. I had my refill 2 weeks ago when she put 5 cc's back in from after my hysterectomy.

2. Today was only 1 cc but she said that was aggressive for her on a Thursday because she would not be able to unfill me over the weekend. I'm glad she realizes I know me and my band.

3. I like going to my clinic. They make me feel like a rock star bandster.

4. I laid out my big plan to my NP today thinking she'd shoot it down but I think it went well.

5. A couple of NSV's. First, my collar bones are starting to come out. Next, I was able to buy our baseball team's "girly" shirt and it fits. Lastly, I saw a bunch of people I haven't seen in a while and received a bunch of nice comments.

6. Unfortunately the reason I saw a bunch of people I haven't seen in a while is because two people from the church I grew up in passed away. They were both phenomenal examples of Christians, spouses and parents. Awesome people!!!!

7. My daughter made the honor roll again!!! Way to go M!!!

8. We are now officially the small group leaders of our group at church. We are also part of our kids church ministry team which is what we have always served in. So working with grown ups is brand new :)

9. I am looking forward to my next goal at about 7.5 lbs!!!!!

10. My biggest goal is about 37.5 lbs away!!! Here I come!!

Bonus - here are some pics of P and L putting out a blue light bulb for Autism Awareness and some other pics like mastery of chopsticks, us in our Doctor Who shirts and missing tooth :)


  1. Loving the doctor who shirts!!!! Is that an avenging angels one? Scary stuff.

    Hope this fill helps you get in a good place.

  2. Yep :) Weeping angels :)

    It says keep calm and don't blink. She also has dalek socks :)

  3. I am doing an Autism Walk tomorrow :)

  4. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow as you walk!!!

    Here's to finding a cure for autism! Thank you for doing that!