Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ok peeps here's what's up!!

I'm in my I don't know, 4th week of medical leave. Man, a hysterectomy is no joke. Major surgery!! I guess so. I mean they are taking out some major organage!!! Like my made up word there? So, did I tell you what a nerd my hubby was right after my surgery? He took my daughter to her orthodontist appointment and had to drive past the hospital where I had my surgery at. He said, "I waved to your oven." Isn't he funny (please note the sarcasm in the text)?

So, what have I been up to? Nothing! Recovering. Trying to build my endurance back up and that's it.

Well, and trying to at least keep the scale in check to where it was before my surgery. So around 103.5 lbs lost. Right now as of today, I'm there. I kinda am ok with that. I'm a little bummed because I got down to like 107.5 during the beginning of my recovery but that was with the bowel prep and everything. So, I'm choosing to look at it like this, I have had absolutely no fill in my band for a month. Nothing, well a teeny bit to keep it inflated. Hit nothing to write home about. No restriction whatsoever. Not really. And I managed not to gain weight. My NP wanted me to follow the prep diet from before my surgery. Um yeah, that didn't happen. But, I managed to maintain. So, a win I think.

Now, onwards and upwards!! I have two doctors appointments tomorrow. One with my GYN to get my release and any other restrictions and one with my NP for my fill. I was at 7 cc in my 11 cc band. She said she thinks we will be lucky to get 5 cc in this time to start off with. I don't care as long as I can have good restriction. I'm ready to "reboot" and restart this weight loss.

So looking at the BMI calculator, instead of just the scale, I've lost almost 18 points on my BMI and I'm only 6.5 points away from moving away from obese to overweight!!!!! 38 more lbs!! Next goal!

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  1. Glad to hear you are resting and healing. Gotta take care of yourself with that organage (hee!) gone!!!