Monday, June 8, 2009

Decided I needed to blog.....

Today has been a very calm day. Quiet. Not a whole lot done, but relaxing. I love those days. This also probably would have been a great day to get my butt up and get to work. Clean, organize, all the things I keep putting off. Yet, here I sit.

The end of the school year is upon us. I am sad to see the people who love my kids and have taken care of them academically this year go, but unfortunately, that's life. I told M's teacher the other day we hoped he taught 4th grade next year. I wanted to let him know how much we have appreciated him and the work that he's done with her.

So, what are your plans for the summer? We have a few things that we would like to do. First and foremost is to get L potty trained. Ugh. I hate that he's behind in so many areas, but I have also see the progress that he's made this year. I am very proud of him and I love him so very, very much. This mommy is a very grateful one. Secondly, is to keep M on target for 4th grade. I have decided this is the summer to push more independence and so I am creating a chore chart. Yes, it will be chores along with school initiatives like study island and reading. I told her she could earn money or toys. She has chosen toys. And I am sure that will translate into a new DS game or two. But, if she works hard, she will have earned it. My final goal for the summer is to take the kids down south to visit my family. I want to meet new family members I have never met and for them to meet my family.

I would love to get comments on my blog, so feel free. Also, here is my second question for you, what blogs do you read? Currently this is the list that I try keep up on: (this is a blog from a single mom's point of view) (WARNING: Matt uses VERY, VERY strong language, he has a wonderful/awful story to tell, but his language, well....not so much...PLEASE be warned!!!!!)

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