Tuesday, May 5, 2009


You know, when life gets hard it is sometimes hard to remember that it goes so very quickly....

Baby Kayleigh passed away yesterday. I don't know this family personally. But, my heart breaks for them. It has been such a difficult year I am sure for them. They were never allowed to take their baby home from the hospital. Their other two children had only seen their sister once in like an 8 month time period. Hard. Awful. Sad.

I am thankful today for my children. Both of whom can talk, walk, eat, play, smile, laugh. I am going to try today to be more patient. To remember that time goes by so quickly. To make more time to laugh together. To smile. To remember they will not always be this age. I will love listening to them make each other laugh.

I will also be thinking about the Freeman family this week. I pray God's tremendous comfort for them. That only He can give. I will pray for the other two children, who I am sure are confused and sad. But, glad to see mom and dad.

Join me in holding your loved ones a little closer today, because we can.

For those of us that have lost children, remember your hurt and pray for the Freeman's.

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