Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Biggest Loser Experience.....the Blog! Part 2

Oh, where to begin. I guess the beginning. I got to my friend's house and off we went. It wasn't too bad of a drive, maybe 35 mins. Once we got there, we saw the sea of people and I was highly disappointed that I didn't get there sooner.

But, we started walking to the end of the line, which was far from the store. On our way, I slipped and fell in the parking lot. But, I got back up and kept going. We got to our spots and sat down. At first the cold wasn't too bad. A while later my hands started to freeze. But, once they warmed up my toes felt like little ice cubes. My wonderful friend offered to go to Meijer to get toe and hand warmers from the hunting section. They were the best things to have out there. I was very grateful for my friend not only motivating me to go, but to help me out by helping me stay warm.

While I was there, I met up with an old friend from church growing up. We caught up a little while standing in line. I also made a few new friends. We got to the store at 6:45 am, my friend did have to leave as she was freezing her tootsies off and she did need to go to work! It was a win win for us both because she got to warm up and I got all three blankets! But, even three blankets weren't cutting it. The weather says right now it's approximately 22 degrees but feels like 14. Add in the wind and it makes for a very cold 7 hours waiting outside.

Once we were inside things got better.....except my hair. That hat did nothing for my hair!! Oh, except ruin it. Oh well, at least I tried to stay warm.

Oh yeah, and while we were waiting we spoke briefly to Pete and Shellay.

Once we got in a lot about this season was explained and it is individuals. So, now I wait. They said if they wanted us to move onto the next level that we would get a call before 10 pm tonight to schedule an on camera interview. I, of course, have my cell phone right next to me.

I also got interviewed by this newspaper. So, check it out tomorrow for the article. I will post a more direct link once it's available.

So far, that's it. We will see. There were a ton of people still in line. Watch this newscast, you can't see me, but an idea of what it was like out there. And oh, by the way, she was way off because I was 283 and I had been out there since 6:45 am.

Ok people only 2 1/2 hours until their time deadline. I'll let you know.

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  1. are such a treasure - they would be crazy not to pick a girl with as much heart as you. Good luck!! xxoo Mary Smith