Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Biggest Loser Experience.....the Blog!

So, I knew that the Biggest Loser was coming to Detroit for a casting call and I had debated in my head for a while. When the week of it came, I debated it even more. So, after much thought and my friends' opinions I decided to go for it. We are in a place in our lives that this will be the only time that we will ever be able to do this. With P being laid off, he will be able to be at home with the kids. I am a pretty negative person, ya know, glass is half empty kind of thing, but this morning I am trying something new.

Let me tell you, I went to bed at about midnight and just couldn't get to sleep. It was too cold, then I was coughing and of course my mind was racing. Thoughts like, they will never pick me, it's freezing out, etc. ran through my brain. But yesterday at work we had a best practices meeting and one was to start my day new everyday. Clear negative thoughts from my head.

So, after maybe 3 hours sleep I got up at 4:44 am and right before I got out of bed I tried to literally sweep away the negative thoughts (it's a new concept to me people). I got up and started getting ready. In about 25 mins. I will be heading out the door with a great friend who is willing to stand in line with me as long as she possibly can before she has to go to work. I will be wearing 2 layers of everything, well, not everything...socks, pants and shirts. I am taking like 3 blankets. Two sets of gloves. A hat. A scarf. Right now it's 15 degrees out and it won't be much warmer today. I read on their website that they try to see the first 500 people in line and they asked that you don't get in line until 3 hours before the start time (7 am), so that's where we will be a 7 am. With our blankets, chairs and layed butts trying to get in to see them. A back up for me is tht I completed their online app with a dvd and picture and it's already in an envelope, so I can always mail it.

I will blog an update later to tell you what else happens, also I may try to update my facebook status to reflect what's going on while we sit there. Check it out!!

Pray God's will for this. I don't want to be out His will. It would be nice to be chosen, not only would my life and health change but to know that I could make some money is a bonus. I'd be happy to win a treadmill.

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