Saturday, June 7, 2014

Shame On Me

It had been so long since I posted anything, I'd be surprised if I still had readers :)

Well, I'm maintaining. I am currently trying very hard not to be addicted to the scale anymore and trying to stay around once or twice a week of weighing myself. 

My last weigh in: 165
My pre-surgery weight: 316
Total loss: 151 lbs. 

Due to a sad funeral we had to attend, we got to visit with several old friends and a happy occasion, our niece's grad party family over the last couple of days. I'm finding it difficult to accept compliments and understand the double takes or the "I didn't recognize you" I've been getting. Hard for me to accept for some reason. 

Here are some updated pics of the fam, hopefully I'll give a good update on them soon:

On April 2 we all wore our matching Autism Awareness t-shirts. 

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