Saturday, February 8, 2014


I know I haven't blogged in forever. My goal weight for myself was 158. I can't seem to get there. So, I'm trying to be content at 165. I've been as low as 161.2 but I'm staying right around that 165 mark. And lately, I've been so addicted to the scale my husband had to hide it (yet again) from me. 

The clinic's goal was 145. That would put me at "normal" BMI. Ugh. Unless I sweat my bootie off (which I should be, I know) I just don't see that happening. 

So, can I be content? That's where my brain is now. Trying to not get too rillied up when I see that number jump a little because I know I bring it down. 

I had to have a couple of corrections to my hysterectomy 3 weeks ago (minor surgery). So I currently am without fluid in my band. I need to squeeze in the time to go back in now that I'm starting to feel better (see I say that and this morning - not so much). I didn't want my NP pushing on my tummy after the surgery. Plus I kinda want to get back to presurgery weight before going. 

Ok, so onto my newest NSV. Drumroll please...........I unsubscribed to Lane Bryant! I do not need them any longer :)

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  1. You have done amazing! Be congratulatory of yourself! And take itf from me - I got the fluid out for some medical stuff too - go NOW and start filling again. Even after a couple of good fills I'm still not as apsatisfied as I was.