Friday, December 14, 2012

Hustle and Bustle

I had this problem last year too. I go into the season with good intentions. Knowing this is the season we celebrate our Savior's birth. That we give gifts to one another that we put precious thoughts into hoping they are going to love. We hang wreaths on our doors, put trees in a lot of rooms and decorations everywhere.

But, I'm still not feeling very Christmas-y "yet"! I'm hoping this weekend is a BIG turnaround for me! My hubby and I both have this weekend off and although having a Friday off together is usually fun, today, it's full of appointments and running kids to their appropriate social engagements.

Tomorrow, however, we have NOTHING planned! So, maybe Christmas lights. Christmas movies that have been DVR'd.

Sunday is a really big day at our church. It's called Family Christmas. It's a chance for our church to recognize families in our church that are living the "Christmas story" in their everyday lives. People show up to church, having no clue they were picked to be a part of the day to be honored! I've never been to one (we've only been at our new church, well, this is our second Christmas) and I've heard awesome stories. So, we've made a plan. We are going to early service. EARLY service is so hard to do, but we are doing it. Since we don't have a para-pro at church right now, we have someone helping L at home. We are going to see if L's babysitter, who is AWESOME by the way, will then meet us at my parent's church, where we will be showing up late, but I am hoping to catch some of my nephew's Christmas program! Whew!!!

So, there you go. I've had a lot of work stuff going on, but I shall not go into detail.....for now.

In band news, quite a few PB episodes, but they are my own fault. You would think after having this thing 6 months, I'd learn. Still learning I guess. A new complication has arose it's ugly head, however. My back is out. Yep, did you know you can throw your back out LOSING weight? Apparently, all that fat was holding my core muscles into place around my spine. Now that it is dissipating, no core muscles. So, my doctor tried a couple of different muscle relaxers for a few weeks, but PT is where I've ended up. Yep, doctor ordered workouts. Guess it's the only way to actually get me to the gym.

My weight loss is currently at is 94 pounds. It's so hard for me to grasp that I was carrying around all that weight. I did have someone at work say something to me yesterday, I brushed off, but was like, really? Did you really just say that? We were having a going away breakfast for an intern and I chose not to eat anything (pure will power, which by the way has been TOTALLY lacking this time of year...and those bagels were my favorite, but I'm figuring bagels are no longer my friend since I've had the band installed). Someone made a comment about it and I said well, I've had like 50 oz. of liquid already this morning and I'm good for now. And someone else said something about my surgery. A lot of the people I work with knew me before my surgery but there are a few new people. Anyway, one of the new people said (I had mentioned yesterday I had lost like 92 lbs.) something like oh that's great, even when you have more to go....really? Sigh. Is that the youth of America?

Let me end on a positive note. I hope that everyone loves the gifts we bought this year for Christmas. I know my daughter will. The one gift we bought had to be shipped from the UK and was threatening not to be here in time for Christmas. Well, it came on Wednesday!!!! YEAH!! I just hope my son likes his gifts just as much. He didn't ask for anything for himself this year. It's been a tough couple of weeks, autism-wise, but when I see letters like this, it reminds me what a sweet, tenderhearted little boy he is.....