Friday, November 20, 2009

Santa Claus

So, last night my darling daughter *ahem* dd for short, stopped herself before going to bed to stand in front of me to tell me very close to this......a couple of years ago, I saw wrapping paper here that was the same paper that was on my Christmas presents.


You know what is the funniest part about this....I remember seeing her see it. It was in a closet either in the front coat closet or in the bottom of my closet. She stopped and saw it and moved on. Last night I was a bit thankful for ADHD - I because I was able to distract her from continuing on with the conversation. It went a bit of something like this.....M go to the bathroom and brush your teeth to get ready for bed. And that was it on the conversation.

Thinking about this, we have never really done the "Santa" thing. We don't put cookies out. We don't take the kids to see Santa at the mall. We've never really done the letters, but this year M is really is into it....I also think it may be close to being one of the last years she will be. We do wait to put gifts out until Christmas morning and no names are ever on the gifts. I don't know. I go back in forth in my head. Part of me thinks it's fine to let them pretend and part of me feels a bit like I'm lying. Just my personal conviction.

So, Santa. Do you remember when you stopped believing? I believe I was 8. My grandpa had gotten very sick and was in the hospital and my poor family was running up there often, trying to go to work, school, find babysitters, etc. Anyway, on Christmas Eve Santa always came to my grandparents house to deliver a few gifts there (and always at our house on Christmas morning, he came twice for us :-), but that year we didn't go there on Christmas Eve. Instead on Christmas morning, I believe, we woke up and found gifts under our tree. I remember I got a chair to go with my desk and on the chair was a note from Santa.......except it was my mom's handwriting.

So, tell me what you remember about figuring it out.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

4 years ago today......

Here is what happened 4 years ago (yesterday and today):

Four years ago yesterday it was a Wed. night and I went to the hospital to be observed because my blood pressure was really high. I had an appt. on Thursday for an NST (non-stress test) and to see the dr. at 10 and 10:50 am.

I was hooked up to the NST machine and things were fine. The baby’s heartrate wasn’t doing a whole of lot of reacting when they were moving, but still fine. Then all of a sudden the heartrate drops off. I thought the baby had moved. So, I waited and no one came. You see the NST room is in the back of the office where no one is and I get forgotten about. I tried moving it around and finally decided to go find a nurse asst. She came back in and couldn’t find it. She got another nurse asst. and she couldn’t find it. They got the Doppler, still couldn’t find it.

They take me up front to see the doctor. She gets out the Doppler and can’t find the heartrate. She brings the ultrasound machine into the room and calls the other doctor into the room. Of course by now I am crying. The other doctor came in the room. They were trying to whisper over my head. Then I am not sure if they could find the heartbeat or not, finally they did and began counting. The heartrate what I know now was in the 70’s.

By now they are calling 911. I had to get my cell phone and call P and my mom. P was taking M to the doctors because she was so sick. I had to track him down in the waiting room and to have them tell him to come because they were rushing me to the hospital by ambulance. Then I remembered to call back (even in the midst of craziness) to tell them I wasn’t going to the hospital we had planned on but to the one closest to my doctor’s office.

They called 911. They put me in an ambulance and we had a police escort to the hospital. I found out later that my blod pressure in the ambulance was 200/150.

I got to the hospital at approximately 12:00 pm and our baby BOY was born at 12:10 pm. He was born on Thursday, November 3rd at 12:10 pm. He weighed 8 lbs. 9 oz. and was 19 inches long. He has a head full of dark hair with natural highlights!

God was there with us that day. He protected L from all the harm that could have come to him. He protected me throughout the surgery and in the ambulence where my blood pressure was extremely high.

That's what happened 4 years ago today.