Monday, September 30, 2013

Oops. Need to blog more.

Well, I WAS down to 172, and then we had a foodie kinda weekend. And quite frankly I am still majorly recovering from my tummy tuck so I'm not overly worried. And I think I've figured out my life with food. Yes, the scale is going to go up every now and again. But, then you go back to the things you know to do. Protein, water (which by the way since my surgery I've MAJORLY upped my water intake so I am patting myself on the back for that) and well, exercise.  Can't exercise so protein and water it is. And I have to be careful too. I have NO fluid in my band. And I really need to figure out when I am going to go do that. 

Oh and just to throw it in there, have I mentioned that I'm getting REALLY good at wound care?? Unless you ask, you don't want to know. But, ask me would I have the tummy tuck again, YES!!!!

My plan was to do it (my fill) right before I go back to work (Oct. 14) however, I am having my belly button revision surgery 6 days before I go back to work and my port got moved to right above my belly button and let me tell you my whole belly is tender to the touch as it is. So, I'm not quite sure what to do. My goal was to go back to work and be 175. Well, I'm already under that. So maybe I just need to relax. Story of my life by the way. 

So here's a few pics I thought you would enjoy. 

My girl right before having her braces removed:

And right after (FYI - Invisalign retainers - spoiled kids!!):

Did I show you first day school pics?? Here is M - 8th grade:

And here is L - 2nd grade:

L has seasonal asthma and it decided to kick in, so he had to breathing treatments for a bit:

Here's a selfie of me on our way to our church's small group that we lead. We had a road rally (no I didn't participate, I sat at the church and tallied points):

Well, I think that's about it for now. Hope all is well in your world. On the right side of my blog you can see the blogs I read. That Molly Girl is having her surgery tomorrow, head on over to her blog and wish her luck, give her your best advice or simply say hello!!

Bye guys!!!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Weigh In

Well, I just realized I haven't blogged. My tummy tuck surgery is healing, ok. More on that later. But, I'm having some other medical issues and well, I'm a hurtin' people. 

So, let me give a little update on my weigh in. My last weigh in online was when I went in for my surgery, 3 weeks ago. I still do not have any fluid in my band currently. 

Last Weigh in: 188.6 lbs
This Week's Weight: 173 lbs
3 Week Loss of: 15.6 lbs
Total Loss: 143 lbs

Now, please keep in mind that 9 of those lbs were from the surgery. But, this girl I've been downing water in my handy dandy (yes, I know my clinic doesn't like straws but it's working for me right now) Doctor Who TARDIS cup. Wanna see it?

So, back to my tummy tuck. Am I skinny minnie? Well, no. I still weigh 173. But, all that excess skin is GONE. The stuff that was bothering me. This is TRULY a personal choice. And more power to anyone who chooses different. But because my original weight was so high, I imagine at some point in my life that skin would have become a health hazard. 

Onto my issues. So, two things that are kinda typical have happened. My belly button (ya know the new one) and a spot on my incision line aren't quite healing the way they are supposed too. So, I'll have a couple of revision surgeries in a few months. I'm not worried. I trust my doctor. 

My husband took me to get a few things so that when I feel up to church or when I can finally go back to work I have clothes. I can't even believe I'm saying this but I bought leggings!!! They were XL but they weren't in the plus size section. And I also got some boots that go to my knees. I've never had them before. I love them. 

Here's the best part of the story. I shopped at Target and well I changed my mind about two sweaters I bought. So my precious husband returned them, went to Old Navy with a text that I had written for the sales associate to read and he came home with two adorable sweaters. He's really never shopped for me. Good job babe. 

So parts of me still are XL. A couple of tshirts and a tank were XXL but I'm still really swollen and was told maybe 6-12 months before I see all results. 

So that's me. Email me if your bored. Send a comment. I'm just laying around!!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Finally Feel Like Blogging

Well I did it!!! I had my tummy tuck on August 30th! And yes, you can tremendously tell a major difference. But, I have a lot of swelling still. So, I probably won't really see results until at least 6 months. Some say up to a year!!

How did it go?!?!  Well, I'm gonna give TMI info here so if you aren't ready to read then don't!!!!

I have bulging discs and the 23 hr stay beds they keep in you in over night are not conducive to those. So, I could NOT see any abdomen pain through my back pain. It was AWFUL. And it stayed that way until I spoke with our office's medical assistant on Sunday. She spoke with the doctor and a muscle relaxer has saved the day. 

Ok, TMI #2. I have some bowel issues. Specifically a fissure. Add in constipation from pain meds and we have some SERIOUS issues. SERIOUS issues. Please pray. 

TMI #3, belly button and fat necrosis. I have some issues that will need some minor procedures to correct and make look really good. 

So, with all that honesty. Would I do it again? Probably. I don't have fat hanging way down like I did. She even got some of my love handle stuff :)

My weigh in the other morning was 176. That is a total loss of 140 lbs. My previous goal was to weigh 140-145. I think I'd be happy at 155-158.